Help Move Imoh David to Safety

EDIT: GoFundMe has reviewed the campaign, verified all necessary details and put the campaign back online.

Imoh David is the first atheist activist in Nigeria to write a book exposing the harmful ideology of religion.

Nigeria is a country torn by the pull of power between Christianity in the south and Islam in the North.

Due to this conflict and how neither group believes atheists should be allowed to live in their society, Imoh has always been shunned.

Since the release of his book, The Ultimate Curse On Mankind
, Imoh has began receiving death threats.

Terrorist groups in Nigeria have been conducting attacks throughout the country for quite some time now. Imoh is now on their radar more than ever.

Imoh needs to move somewhere he can live safely. For obvious reasons, we cannot disclose where Imoh will be moving, but it will be somewhere the terrorist groups looking to harm him are far less likely to locate him.

Imoh has become a great friend to both of us. We’ve talked about what he is doing in Nigeria a couple times on That Atheist Show. You can watch those episodes below.

We really feel that the attention Imoh is bringing to the issues in Nigeria is extremely important. Boko Haram and other extremists groups want him silenced for a reason. That reason is they know they are wrong! Imoh’s book has shined a light on just how horrible religion can be in the wrong hands. Those that want to harm him are cockroaches scattering when the light switch is flipped. They are cowards and know that if enough people know what is going on, they will be squashed.

We cannot let them win! Imoh is important. What Imoh has to say is important and we need to help him be able to continue his work safely.

To help raise the funds needed to help Imoh move you can donate to this GoFundMe campaign:

and purchasing an Ultimate Curse t-shirt, hoodie or long sleeve shirt from this TeeSpring fundraiser:

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