Liqueur more “poisoned” than Muslims

There are several memes floating around comparing Syrian refugees to poisoned food items. The problem with these, aside from comparing people to food, is that they all make the claim that two out of ten items are poisoned. That is 20%.

What percent of the world’s Muslim population is actually in ISIS?

Well, considering there are 1.6 billions Muslims in the world and there are up to 31,500 members of ISIS (I used Fox News as my source, because it is the highest number I could find reported. I’m giving the bigots the biggest possible numbers on purpose).

That makes the highest estimated percentage of ISIS members in the Muslim population 0.001968%.

Let’s round that up to 0.002%.

As you can see, that is not at all comparable to the 20% people have been using to justify their irrational fears.

What is something everyone accepts as being poison?

Cyanide, of course.

I picked one of my favorite consumable products and researched its cyanide content. I don’t drink often, but when I do: I love me some liqueurs. Ever had a Blow Job or Cherry Bomb shooter at the bar? Both contain cherry liqueur.

Cherry liqueur has the highest cyanide content out of all the liqueurs. Seeing as we are using the highest numbers for the “poisoning” of the Muslims populations, it is only fair to use the highest cyanide containing liqueur to compare. Cherry liqueur can contain up to 60mg/l of cyanide. If you jump through all the mathematical hoops that comes out to 0.006% cyanide.

What conclusion does this bring us to?

Muslims still aren’t food and ISIS still isn’t “poison”, but if they were! Cherry liqueur is more dangerous than Muslims… and cherry liqueur is perfectly safe*.

Cherry Liqueur Meme

*Please, drink responsibly.